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Fleurus Investment Advisory, LLC is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve their long–term financial goals. We offer financial planning and money management services to individuals and organizations. Providing you with the best investment advice and guidance on how to achieve your long-term financial goals is what drives us.

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As a result of our institutional money management experience.

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As a result of our transparent RIA business model.

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As a result of our extensive use of cost effective vehicles and generally low trading activity.

Recent Writings

Newsletter May 4, 2019

April was another good month for equity investors! It seems as if the end of 2018 just a bad and now distant dream. The S&P’s 500 rose 4.05% in March. The Nasdaq Composite added 4.77% while the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) ros 3.81%.

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Newsletter April 4, 2019

The back and forth between bulls and bears during the month of March saw the bulls finally overcoming their foes in the last third of the month.
The S&P’s 500 rose 1.94% in March. The Nasdaq Composite added 2.70% while the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) surprisingly declined -2.09%.

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Newsletter March 4, 2019

February was another “risk-on” month. Investors poured money back into stocks after many had missed, or partially missed, the spectacular market rebound in January. The S&P’s 500 rose 3.21%. The Nasdaq Composite added 3.60% while the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) rose 5.20%.

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