Financial Planning

 A Financial Plan is a framework for organizing the pieces of your total financial picture. 

We aim for our financial planning work to provide three benefits:

  • A personalized and understandable financial diagnostic,
  •  A set of implementable recommendations and,
  • Client peace of mind.

A Financial Plan is to personal finance what an X Ray is to medicine in that It provides a way to identify areas of financial concerns. Once these areas of concern are known and the diagnostic is established, the financial plan offers recommendations on how to improve your overall financial status across investments, retirement, tax, insurance and estate planning issues. The combination of an accurate diagnostic and well-thought-out recommendations generally gives each client a sense of relief from both knowing where their potential financial issues lie and, as importantly, from getting a clear sense of what to do about them.

Our areas of financial planning expertise include:

  • Retirement planning and pre-retirement preparedness evaluation,
  • Investment performance and risk evaluation,
  • Cash flow and debt evaluation,
  • Tax and insurance reviews.

We are not experts in everything! Fleurus works collaboratively with a network of well-established estate lawyers to ensure that the totality of our estate planning service meets the highest standards of integrity, competence and diligence.

About Fleurus Investment Advisory

Fleurus Investment Adivisory, LLC is located in Weston, CT and serves clients locally and across the country for financial planning and investment management. An initial meeting can be held at our office or we can communicate by phone or virtually with a video call. Use the form here to send us a message so that we can see if we are a fit for your needs.

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