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How do my assets remain safe when working with Fleurus?

When you become a Fleurus client you authorize Fleurus to buy and sell securities for your account and to manage your assets in your best interest. Your assets are not held by Fleurus. Instead, they are held in your name at Charles Schwab and Co., our preferred custodian broker, or at a custodian bank or broker of your choice. As a consequence, you maintain free and clear ownership of portfolio assets at all times.

The agreement between Fleurus and you authorizes your custodian to debit your account in order to pay our management fee. No other type of withdrawal is permitted under this agreement.

What kind of return can I expect from Fleurus’ management?

Return is a function of risk. Fleurus customizes portfolios based on the specific risk and return objectives of each client. As a result, the answer to this question will vary with each customer. Nevertheless, for research and analysis purposes, Fleurus has designed four diversified “model portfolios” that can offer an imperfect but reasonable base for inferring future customer return information.

As of the end of 2022, the long-term average annual performance of these portfolios is expected to vary from 4.5% to 7.5% (*), net of our management fees. As we refine our asset allocations to more accurately reflect customer risk and return objectives, we would expect the long-term average return of our customer portfolios to oscillate between 4% and 8%, net of fees. These numbers are based on our best estimates of current asset class return expectations and represent average long-term returns for diversified portfolios. In any given year, their performance could significantly deviate from these long-term annual averages.

(*) Be aware that projected returns are forward looking statements. These returns may not be achieved.

How does Fleurus avoid the potential conflicts of interests that are so commonly found in the wealth management industry?

Fleurus’ only form of compensation is the management fee that it receives for managing your assets. It is calculated as a percentage of assets under management and is paid quarterly, in advance. Fleurus does not receive compensation from third parties for selling investment products and does not have any financial interest in investing in specific securities or products in order to generate commissions or other forms or revenues, neither do we promote any particular investment platform. This mode of remuneration gives Fleurus the independence needed to truly make investment decisions in your best interest.

Further, as a Registered Investment Adviser, Fleurus is held to the highest standard of care: the fiduciary standard. This means that unlike the brokerage industry, we are required by law to put the interest of our clients ahead of our own, in all circumstances.

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