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Fleurus Investment Advisory, LLC is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve their long–term financial goals. We offer financial planning and money management services to individuals and organizations. Providing you with the best investment advice and guidance on how to achieve your long-term financial goals is what drives us.

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As a result of our institutional money management experience.

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As a result of our transparent RIA business model.

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As a result of our extensive use of cost effective vehicles and generally low trading activity.

Recent Writings

Newsletter February 4, 2019

After four months of violent market movements, any investor could be easily excused for feeling a little lightheaded. Keeping one’s composure has been essential in order to avoid making serious portfolio-damaging mistakes. The unusual and large recent market ups and downs have had the potential to destroy otherwise well-balanced portfolios. Not moving, or not moving much and with clear purpose, was key.

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Newsletter January 4, 2019

The S&Ps’ 500 sunk 9.03% in December. The Nasdaq Composite went along with a 9.40% drop and the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) was down 9.92%. Internationally, things were a bit less dramatic. The S&P EPAC BMI (developed markets) was down “only” 5.17% while emerging equities were down a comparatively low 2.92% (MSCI EM) and 3.40% (Frontier 100 Index).

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Newsletter December 4, 2018

The S&Ps’ 500 rose 2.04% in November while the Nasdaq Composite added a comparatively meager .49% and the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) went up 1.59%. Internationally, the S&P EPAC BMI (developed markets) was flat at .01% while emerging equities were up 4.06% (MSCI EM) and 2.09% (Frontier 100 Index).

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