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Under “Financial Evaluation” you will find a Cash Flow and Balance Sheet spreadsheet intended to help you get a better measure of your financial health. Also included is a Financial Planning Questionnaire that we use to assess the totality of your financial needs and objectives, from insurance to taxes, investing and estate planning.

The “Articles of Interest” section offers recent thoughts and ideas on investment management. We deem them particularly interesting.

Financial Evaluation

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Templates

Articles of Interest

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Emotionality and Investing (2) - Jeff de Valdivia (February 22, 2015)
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2015 Outlook: Pain - Eric Parnell, CFA (December 21, 2014)
PERSPECTIVES – The Rise and Fall of Performance Investing - Charles Ellis (August 2014 - Financial Analyst Journal)


Newsletter October 4, 2018

The S&Ps’ 500 returned .57% in September while the Russell 2000 (small caps) went down a meaningful 2.40%. Internationally, returns ranged from up .44% for the S&P EPAC BMI (international
developed markets) to slightly down for emerging markets. The MSCI EM was down .32% this month.

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Newsletter September 4, 2018

August was another spectacular month for US equities. The S&P’s 500 was up 3.26% while the Russell 2000 (small caps) registered a 4.31% performance. Internationally, the situation was bleak. The EPAC BMI (international developed markets) was down 1.72% while the MSCI EM dropped a more painful 2.90%.

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Newsletter August 4, 2018

US equities rallied broadly in July with the S&P’s 500 up 3.72% and the Russell 2000 (Small caps) up 1.74%, respectively. Internationally and in spite of the on-going trade rhetoric, thepicture improved. The Epac BMI (developed markets) was up 1.86% while emerging market equities jumped from 1.68% to 3.34% (MSCI EM and MSCI Frontier 100 respectively).

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Newsletter July 4, 2018

June saw US equities rise with the S&P’s 500 up .62% and the Russell 2000 (Small caps) up .71%, respectively. The picture continued to deteriorate internationally. The Epac BMI (developed markets) was down another …

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Newsletter June 4, 2018

The month of May was particularly volatile. US equities ended resolutely up with the S&P’s 500 returning 2.41% and the small cap index (Russell 2000) rising a whopping 6.07%.

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Newsletter May 5, 2018

US equities were marginally higher in April. The S&P’s 500 rose .38% while its small cap counterpart, the Russell 2000 rose a more meaningful .86%.

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Newsletter April 4, 2018

Jawboning on trade issues by the Administration in the early part of March, combined with Tech-related woes in the latter part of the month, shook investors’ confidence and prompted them to close the first quarter of the year on a negative note.

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Newsletter March 4, 2018

In February, the S&P’s 500 dropped 3.69% while the Russell 2000 sunk 3.87%. The damage was a bit more pronounced internationally as a result of the appreciation of the USD against major currencies. The S&P’s EPAC BMI, our reference index for international developed markets, went down 4.59% while the MSCI EM (emerging markets) index dropped 4.61%.

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Newsletter February 4, 2018

In January the S&P’s 500 rose a stunning 5.64% on a total return basis (dividends included) while the Russell 2000 was up 2.68 %. Internationally, the …

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Newsletter January 4, 2018

In December the S&P’s 500 rose 1.11% on a total return basis (dividends included) and the Russell 2000 dropped -.40%. Internationally, the S&P Epac BMI of developed economies rose 1.66% in spite of a lackluster performance from Eurozone equities that struggled under a rising Euro.

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