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Les documents sous l’onglet « Evaluation Financière » ont pour but de vous aider à prendre une meilleure mesure de votre santé financière.

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Evaluation Financière

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Templates

Articles d’Intérêt

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Bulletin d’Information

Newsletter August 2019

July saw US equity indices generate positive returns, once again. The S&P’s 500 rose by 1.44%. The Nasdaq Composite added 2.15% and the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) .58%. Internationally, equities declined overall. This was mostly the result of Brexit-related fears in Europe and a rising USD.
The S&P EPAC BMI (developed markets) declined 1.49% during the month of July while emerging markets shrunk by 1.22% (MSCI EM).

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Newsletter July 2019

In June, The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) came to the rescue of equity markets once again and propelled them to new highs. The S&P’s 500 rose by 7.05%. The Nasdaq Composite added 7.51% and the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) 6.87%. It was more of the same with international markets. The S&P EPAC BMI (developed markets) rose 5.57%, emerging markets were up 6.24% (MSCI EM) and frontier markets a lesser 3.90%.

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Newsletter June 2019

A violent and unexpected setback in the trade negotiations between the US and China sent equities sharply down across the globe in May. The S&P’s 500 dropped 6.35%. The Nasdaq Composite swooned 7.79% while the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) slumped 7.78%.

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Newsletter May 2019

April was another good month for equity investors! It seems as if the end of 2018 just a bad and now distant dream. The S&P’s 500 rose 4.05% in March. The Nasdaq Composite added 4.77% while the Russell 2000 (US Small Caps) ros 3.81%.

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French / American Chamber of Commerce

Emoptionality & Investing (May 8, 2019)


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