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Newsletter May 2023

Overview   Mixed and confused! In April, that is how US equity markets behaved. The S&P’s 500 rose 1.56%, the Nasdaq Composite squeezed a meager .07% gain while the Russell 2000 (Small Cap Stocks.) dropped 1.80%. The USD dropped .90% against a basket of key...

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Newsletter April 2023

    Overview What an exciting month March was! A (mini) banking crisis, sparked by the collapse of a little-known California bank, made equity markets particularly difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, the month finished relatively well in the end, as shown by most...

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Newsletter March 2023

    Overview In February, equity markets reversed partially the gains they had accumulated in January, succumbing to another bout of anxiety over the US Central Bank’s (Fed) monetary decisions over the coming weeks and months.The S&P’s 500 declined 2.44% and the...

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Newsletter February 2023

    Overview In January, US and World equity indices had one of their best months in a long time. Economic data pointing to a resilient US economy, a better performing European one and China’s removal of any Covid-related restrictions provided a favorable environment...

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Newsletter January 2023

Overview US and World equity indices were down in December, for the most part. An increasingly loud drumbeat of recession talk spooked investors. The S&P’s 500 slumped 5.76%. The Nasdaq Composite collapsed 8.67%. Internationally, the situation was not as dire. The...

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Newsletter December 2022

Overview US and World equity indices were sharply up again in November on the back of lower-than-expected inflation numbers and signs of an economic slowdown in the US and in the rest of the world. The S&P’s 500 rose 5.59%. All other US equity indices fared...

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Newsletter November 2022

Overview In October, US indices largely recouped their September losses. A mixture of technical and fundamental factors underpinned this directional change. The S&Ps’ 500 rose 8.10%. All other US equity indices fared similarly. Noteworthy though is the relative...

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Newsletter October 2022

    Overview September was a gruesome month for investors. Equity indices dropped on average 10% in the US and globally. Strong unemployment numbers in the US, despite the restrictive monetary policy conducted by the Federal Reserve (Fed), combined with...

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Newsletter September 2022

    Overview Equities markets reversed in August, under pressure from an anticipation of more interest rate tightening in the US and elsewhere. The S&P’s 500 lost 4.08%. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 4.53% while the Russell 2000 (Small Cap Index) managed...

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Newsletter August 2022

July was a decidedly good month in an otherwise dismal year. The S&P’s 500 erased its losses from June with a 9.22% performance. The Nasdaq Composite did even better, clocking a 12.39% jump while the Russell 2000 (Small Cap Index) added 10.44%.

Internationally, performances were generally positive, if more muted, due to a relentlessly rising USD. The EPAC BM Index of developed economies rose 5.23% but emerging markets declined with the MSCI (EM) down .25%.

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Newsletter July 2022

June has been the worst month of 2022 for investors, so far. The S&P’s 500 tumbled 8.25%, while the Nasdaq Composite fell 8.65% and the Russell 2000 (Small Cap Index) sunk 9.98%. Internationally, the situation was not better with the EPAC BM Index of developed economies down 10.02%. Meanwhile,
emerging markets did a bit better again in June with the MSCI (EM) down only 6.64%.

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Newsletter June 2022

April turned out to be one of the worst months for investors in recent memory, if we except March 2020, when the magnitude of the Covid pandemic became clear. The S&P’s 500 went down 8.72%. The Nasdaq sunk 13.24% and the Russell 200 (Small Cap Index) lost 9.91%. The situation did not turn out much better internationally where the EPAC BM Index dropped 7.00%.

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